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Why can’t you fucking idiots have a proper conversation?

Posted in Blogosphere, The roleplaying culture with tags , , , , on June 21, 2009 by Olorin

Ok, children. Today we’re going to talk about this funny little part of gaming culture: Discussion of opinions that seemingly consists of huge amounts of nitroglycerin.

This post by mxyzplk is really a prime example:
Mike Mearls Strangles Realism In D&D Like It’s An Unruly Hooker

I was going to pick and quote some of the juicier idiocies and comment on them, but now I’m feeling lazy and will go on with just a general commentary.

1) It’s not sacred. When reading something that is contradictory to your beliefs*, first take a deep breath and take some time to calm down. Then remind yourself that RPGs are not religions or anything like that. To be a smart and decent human being, it’s required that you can look things from an angle other than your own. It’s even better if you can look at things objectively, outside of the box. But that’s not gonna happen every time.

2) Don’t be a fucking douchebag. Don’t flame, don’t troll, don’t build strawmen, keep those ad hominems to yourself. Capiche? I understand that sometimes it can be quite hard. It’s not easy to treat someone, who’s throwing burning poo like a sorceress overdozing on PCP and crystal meth, like a real and decent person. To an extent, that’s a failing of the medium. But still, the internet is not wholly to blame. And the other side of the coin: Ignore the poo, don’t feed the troll. Try to be the maturer one.

3) Don’t take every friggin’ thing someone says about a game personally. If someone doesn’t like the game that is most precious to you, you have two good choises and a third, bad one.

  1. You can agree with him that the game doesn’t produce those things that he looks for in a game. That is, he has understandable and acceptable rationalisations for not liking it. To put is short: You agree to disagree.
  2. You don’t agree with him and think that his perceptions about the game are incomplete. Maybe you should try to clear things a bit for him. Be careful though, when proceeding with this option. It’s easy to get yourself misunderstood and give the impression that you’re trying to force-feed your preferences. If he still won’t “convert,” leave it at that. It doesn’t suit his needs. Again, agree to disagree.
  3. The wrong road: Be a dick about it. I mean, not liking YOUR PRECIOUS GAME is, like, the same as mocking UR MOM. NERDRAGE!!! My response: Just shut the fuck up and grow up.

4) Reasoning, motherfucker, do you have it? If not, then zip it. “Because the big boys told me so” is not proper reasoning. And you can replace the big boys with anything like “those guys on” or “that dude who’s really into D&D and he practically breathes experience points and craps initiative rolls.” Or anything. Here’s a pointer: Think. For. Yourself. Question other people’s opinions and “truths.” Especially if they are in authoritative position, one way or another. If you’re too dump to think for yourself, then why the hell are you roleplaying? Unless you’re just doing it for the miniature battles. HULK SMASH!

Now, someone has propably read that thread I’m linking to and noticed that I myself have posted a couple of meaningles comments. And hey, I’m not perfect. No one is. Even mxyzplk himself, although showing a good deal of tolerance, “lost it” a couple of times.

“Never argue with idiots, they just drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.”

5) Addendum: It’s not enough to read it, you also have to understand it. I myself like provacative writing. It humours me. The downside is, many peole take those over-the-top provocations literally. They don’t know when to laugh. There are also other types of writing that can fool you, like satire. All of us have been taught to read the letters, the words, the things you see. But not everyone can read the meanings, understand the subtext. Still, it is something you can learn. And you should.

*Yes, beliefs, for it sometimes feels like I’m watching the Superbowl of religious fundies vs. atheist fundies.

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Addition to blogroll: d7

Posted in Blogosphere, Gamecraft, The roleplaying culture with tags , on June 20, 2009 by Olorin

I read a comment by d7 on Geek Related, in the post Why Complain About 4e? Stop the Edition Wars!. I’m not going to comment on the original post and instead focus on Mr. d7 and his comment, for I think that he writes well and most importantly: knows what the hell he is writing about. Too many people out here in the blogosphere don’t. Intrigued by his well written and thought comment, I decided to check out his blog, The Seven-Sided Die. I don’t know about you, but after reading a couple of the more interesting posts, he ended up to my blogroll.

I’ve picked a couple of samples I myself found pleasantly readable.

What’s wrong with alignment

Why it’s not insane to like Rolemaster

The Fear of Unfun

These two have less content and mainly just have links to other interesting stuff:

GM advice, industry musings, and storming

Women as players and characters

I absolutely have to dig into his archives, sooner or later.