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FA update and flat rate flattery

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I really haven’t had a chance to test even the slight changes in the previous post about Fantasy Adventure, and have already come up with new ones. Good thing I find game design enjoyable. :)

Characters & Abilities

  • Characters can now gain Talents, which are Things You Normally Can’t Do or Don’t Know About. They complement the regular abilities, by giving you some new ways to excercise them. E.g. Traps (to discover traps and secret doors, and to arm, disarm and rearm those), Disguise (disguising yourself, or someone else).
  • Different abilities net you different amount of Talents. A Talent gain happens on levels 4 and 8. Fightering and Rangering give you one Talent per gain. Thievering and Journeymanning give you two per gain. Wizarding and Clericing give none.


  • The magical resource of wizards and clerics is derived from the size of the relevant ability die, dividing its value by two (e.g. d6 -> 3).
  • Magic-users regain their resources by spending one full healing cycle in meditation/worship. The player announces how many resource points she’s trying to regain and multiplies that by two. That’s the difficulty she has to beat with the appropriate ability to succeed. And no, there’s no automatic refresh. You have to put some effort into it, to use that sweet ultimate power.
  • There are no more fixed spheres of incfluence in neither Wizarding or Clericing. The player just picks some keywords for her character, and defines that way what sort of magic-user he is. Examples of applicable keywords: destruction, healing, fire, movement, darkness, death, cursing, blessing, animating, mind etc.
  • How you hurt someone works in a way similarly to healing. The difficulty is based on the intended damage you want to cause. Againts one target, the difficulty is simply the intended damage. Against a group of enemies (like a fireball), you double the intended damage.

Also, I got my beta-invite to Flattr, which I think is an marvelous idea and needs as much support as possible. So if you like my writings and want to Flattr me, go ahead. Here’s the button.

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