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I originally got this idea around 2007 IIRC, and it had been mostly laying dormant ever since. A week or so ago it suddenly sprung back into my mind, and at the same time evolved a little.

This is one of those projects I’m really uncertain of whether I ever will concentrate on, and that’s why I’m putting it up here. Maybe someone else can do something with it.

So I present you Hexenhammer.

It takes place on our homely planet in the ambiguous near future after a Great Cataclysm a.k.a. a very very destructive worldwide war. The remains of humanity have gathered into cloistered domed cities, that keep them safe from the surrounding hostile environment/atmosphere. The society in these cities is pretty much fascist, where the naturalist worldview is enforced on people by the ruling class of scientists. The reason behind this is that the main reason seen behind the Great Cataclysm was religion, or to be exact, the clash of differing religious worldviews. So for that, people are kept “religion-free” with chemicals, and religions and other superstitions of that sort are simply outlawed.

And of course, it’s never the nice status quo the guys on the top would like it to be. For one reason or other, there are people running around free of the government-sanctioned daily medication. These people are called Witches. They are aware of how their leaders are practically telling them what to think and what to believe. And they want to change that. They want freedom. They aim for liberation. They fight the power.

On the other side are the Witchhunters. They have to protect the acquired stability. If they fail it might all crumble, and what would happen to humanity then. Another great war might be the last one. They have to bring the rebels, those terrorist, down. For humanity’s survival.

There is no objective good side in this conflict. Members of both sides might as well be the protagonists as they could be the antagonists.

The main idea behind this setting is my own atheism/scientific worldview, and the desire to study it in completely different circumstances. Religions have caused many bad things, but you can be a bad man without believing in imaginary friends. Is full obstruction of spiritual freedom too big a price for peace? How about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that’s been kept secret? How would and could a Witchhunter react to that, if he bumped into it in some forgotten archive? And how long is a Witch willing to go for his ideals? How much collateral damage is acceptable?

That’s about it. The style of the setting would be biopunk.

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