Fantasy Adventure, addendum

My original idea was to have my next post have some Unknown Armies stuff, but that post seems to be more taxing to put together than I initially thought it would.

So, just to fill the silence here are some additional ideas for my project Fantasy Adventure, that I’m going to try out during our next playtest.

What’s in a race
I want to make the differences between different (player)creatures a bit more concrete, so I thought each of them should have some distinctive and unique features. Thus, all non-humans should have two advantages and one disadvantage.

If a character is a halfbreed of said race and a human, the player can choose to either have both advantages and the disadvantage of the other parent, or pick just one advantage without the disadvantage.


  • +1 extra hitpoint when gaining hitpoints.
  • They always double their healing. Yes, even if it’s magical.
  • Extremely greedy for precious gems and metals.


  • Their night-eyes let them see normally, no matter how faint the light is, as long as it’s not complete darkness.
  • Dreamtrance gives a very effetive rest that is comparable to a good nights sleep for a man.
  • For their closeness of nature, they must always protect trees.

Snake persons:

  • They don’t see in the dark, but they do sense sources of heat from a decent distance.
  • Can breath normally underwater.
  • Can’t stand cold. If it’s cold enough, they’ll begin to fall into dormancy.


  • Because of their foul blood, they are immune to all kinds of poison.
  • Primal rage gives them +1 to damage when they drop to half HP or below. And yes, this applies to magical damage too.
  • Their feral nature makes them lust for blood.

To even things out a little bit, humans get one free experience point in the beginning.

Magical resources
Just to put little leash on the overuse of divine and arcane might, there’d be resources for both. Wizarding would have mana and Clericing something akin to responsiveness/goodwill.

Whenever a character rolls a one (1) on a Wizarding/Clericing-test, he’d lose one resource point. When out of points, she has to perform certain rites to replenish the resource. A priest has to engage in some sort of worship (a ritual sacrifice is always good choice) and a mage has to spend time alone, meditating. No matter which, it will require one full healing cycle (a day or a night).

That’s about it for now. I’ll try to finish my UA-stuff for the next post, that’s a promise. :)

Currently playing: Tori Amos – Secret Spell


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