Addition to blogroll: d7

I read a comment by d7 on Geek Related, in the post Why Complain About 4e? Stop the Edition Wars!. I’m not going to comment on the original post and instead focus on Mr. d7 and his comment, for I think that he writes well and most importantly: knows what the hell he is writing about. Too many people out here in the blogosphere don’t. Intrigued by his well written and thought comment, I decided to check out his blog, The Seven-Sided Die. I don’t know about you, but after reading a couple of the more interesting posts, he ended up to my blogroll.

I’ve picked a couple of samples I myself found pleasantly readable.

What’s wrong with alignment

Why it’s not insane to like Rolemaster

The Fear of Unfun

These two have less content and mainly just have links to other interesting stuff:

GM advice, industry musings, and storming

Women as players and characters

I absolutely have to dig into his archives, sooner or later.

One Response to “Addition to blogroll: d7”

  1. Thanks! You do me too much honour, but I appreciate it. I’m glad you liked those posts, since I enjoyed writing them.

    Ironically, the post that was at the top of The Seven-Sided Die when you posted this was just the sort of petty name-calling over D&D editions that your post right after this one is about. That’s a bit embarrassing! (I’ve tried to change my tune since.)

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