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Almost saw it coming

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Breaking up with girlfriend, don’t quite feel like updating.

See ya later.


Things you should know about #1

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Damn, I was going to post this before midnight, but after a gap of five years Fallout has once again captured my full attention.

Like the previous post, this one will be kept short, too. (I do have a long long post on the way, though. Maybe even too long, and will be splitted to several parts. Just have to wait and see how it comes together.)

But, straight ro business. Because I’m a finn and a roleplayer, I want to promote some finnish RPGs. These two are of course in english. Would be kinda stupid to tell about the awesome games we have that are available only in finnish. These games are both by the same author, Ville “Burger” Vuorela, who have thus far released six games through the years.

1) Code/X
This game came into being as a logical conclusion to Mr. Vuorela’s ideas about Arcade Roleplaying, in which the game mechanics (and to some extent, the premise) are designed with influences from videogames, to make the game easier to start (e.g. you don’t have to spend the first two hours of the first session explaining the rules and the setting). It was first called Operation: Half-Life, for the setting is inspired by survival horror games like Far Cry and the Resident Evil -series. And Half-Life, of course. The version 0.7 has been the newest for a while now, but it is extremely playable even in it’s current state.

I haven’t done everything with it, not yet. But mutant zombies? Check. Bioengineered beasts? Check. Ninjas? Check. Super zombie mutants? Check. Nazis? Hell yeah, check.

2) Mobsters (pdf 1,5MB)

Downloadable PDF-game of the golden days of the American Gangster. Found your own mob and build an empire of crime in the spirit of Al Capone or Lucky Luciano!

The PDF-layout is arranged so that all you need to do is to print it out, two pages per paper, stack them and put staples through the middle. When you fold it, you’ll have a neat A5-sized booklet.

Click and download. Fun, easy and free!

It has fast system and New Orleans as a setting example. If being a gangster interests you, check it out!

Enter the authors main page here: Burger Games

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