Getting to know me, part 1

Chatty DM has this series of posts in which he explores Robin Laws’ views on roleplaying and gamemastering called Robin’s Laws Revisited. The one on my plate today is the second part of that series, Player Types and Traits. Because the traits offer a little more detail, I’m going to go with them and skip the player types completely. At least for now.

It basicly boils into this: What things, in and during the act of roleplaying, give you a sense of reward?

Straight quote from Chatty DM’s post:
Accumulating Cool powers: Enjoying the acquisition of loot/powers, planning a character many levels in advance.
Kicking Butt: Enjoying combat for the sake of inflicting mayhem and destruction on foes.
Brilliant Planning: Enjoying combat for the sake of winning, beating foes with brains and tactics.
Puzzle Solvers: Resolving riddles, short puzzles or longer investigation type puzzles.
Playing a favorite role: Seeking the same class/themes/roles campaign after campaign.
Supercoolness: Being a badass and be able to show it often.
Story: Seeking the range of emotions that comes from a game’s narrative and non-crunch achievements.
Psychodrama: Seeking to explore and develop a character from an internal perspective.
Irresponsibility: Being able to create trouble without having to deal with real-world consequence (ex: jumping off the rails and go wild!)
Setting Exploration:Seeking new horizons in a setting and learning the lore of in-game objects, locales and events.
The Outlier: Seeking the emotional kick of subverting a group’s dynamic by creating weird characters or actively seeking failure.
Lurker: No clear goal or motivation except to show up at the game and participate.

As it happens, Exalted is one of my favorite games (not in the sense of quality, but in spirit). That’s easily explained by the traits of Accumulating Cool powers and Supercoolnes. On the other hand, in game like Unknown Armies that works in a completely different level, there are Psychodrama and a variation on The Outlier.
On a more general level, I love Kicking Butt, Solving Puzzles, Story and Setting Exploration.

So in the end it’s actually easier to say what traits don’t apply to me: Lurker, Irresponsibility, Playing a favorite role, Brilliant Planning.

Many kinds of games, and all of them give a distinctive and unique reward. Could be worse. :)

What I’d like to do is make profiles of all my players, so I’d know better who fits in which game and with whom. But I think that topic needs a post of it’s own.

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One Response to “Getting to know me, part 1”

  1. I’m happy to have helped you work out your motivation as a RPG player/GM. I used these a lot when I talk with other gamers and even made a Seminar at Gen Con about it.

    Thanks again for the link love!

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