Chilling Heat, part 4

Dick lying lifelessly in a puddle of blood and Megan sobbing in the corner, Derek and Osmon were scratching their heads, the big question lingering in their minds: What now? Soon they noticed that the ruckus had awoken Sam, and he was coming up the stairs. Seconds went by slowly. How would Sam react? A grown up orang-utang can tear a man up to pieces easily. Luckily, Sam wasn’t of the kind that go berserk in situations like this. Derek and Osmon carried the body to the barn for the time being, every one gathered in the kitchen and a bottle of whisky was opened. And then another. In drunken stupor everyone went to sleep uneasily.

It was already a late morning when they began to woke up. Osmon was cooking some hangover breakfast, when some knocked on the front door. Deathlike silence took over. Who could it be? What would they say if some one asked for Dick? What if some had come for Megan? It didn’t really help to find out, that it was the cops. To be presice, the Sheriff, with his Deputy waiting in the car. I don’t remember his exact business, but he was looking for Dick. They gave him a plausible excuse for Dick’s absence, and he left without too much suspicion.

After breakfast Derek and Osmon set out to bury Dick’s remains behind the barn, for there was already a suitable ditch that Dick had been digging. (Curiously, it was the size of a grave, and for that it had made Osmon a little suspicious earlier. Maybe it really was for them, but Dick now being dead instead of them, there was no way to be sure.)

I don’t really remember when the next thing happened, but I’ll put it up now as it just came to my mind. It definitely happened after Richard’s death.

Late in the evening, the three of them decided to delve into the mystery of the hoof prints. Armed with flashlights, they followed the still visible tracks for a mile or so, and found themselves at the edge of a forest. Encouraging themselves, they pushed on. After a couple minutes walk, they got this strange hunch. Almost like someone, or something, was watching them. And they didn’t have to wait long, for in a few blinks something huge came crashing through the underbrush.

Only narrowly avoiding the charge, they had a heck of job to gather their wits. Derek pulled out his six-shooter and briefly pondered whether to aim at himself or the beast, and decided to try his luck with latter. It might’ve been wise to decide otherwise. At the same time Megan was taking a better look at their attacker, and doubted her eyesight as there seemed to be some kind of tentacles or organs protuding from the beast body. Osmon, being the valorous guy he is, was already halfway up a tree.

Derek pulled the trigger and cursed in his head, as it seemed that the bullet nearly ricocheted off the monstrous ox’s skin. And then he didn’t have time anymore. The beast rushed towards him, pierced his forearm with it’s horn, throwing him almost three meters into air. After that, it just run away.

Megan, her heart pounding and fearing the worst, approached Derek who was lying there silently. Then weak moan. Thanking God, she rushed beside him, and did all she could to restrain the bleeding. With Osmon’s help, they rushed Derek back to the farm, and loaded him into Dick’s Cadillac.

After a tormenting drive they finally arrived to Vega and rushed to see the doctor. The doctor? Of course the drunken cretin Derek had met earlier. And this time he wasn’t just hungover, has was positively as high as a kite. So it’s propably quite understandable that Osmon and Megan weren’t amused when doc thought that he must absolutely amputate Derek’s arm, with a bonesaw. One swing of a bedpan later the doctor was resting peacefully on the floor.

Then suddenly a gruff voice interrupted them. A shabby looking man they had seen a couple days earlier stood there. “Looks like you need help,” he said.

Yes, they had met him in passing a while ago. Derek had taken notice that he had a very gruff voice and silent tinkle accompanied him. The known characteristics of a person referred to as The Freak. Someone who he had earlier took as just a rumor.

Accidentally, when Derek lied on the bed bleeding and unconcious, the following song happened to play on the background. We found it quite amusing.

Currently playing: Bob Dylan – Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

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