Chilling heat, part 3

Okay, so I was thinking of commenting the contents of the previous post, but I realized that there really is not much to say, except that at that point I didn’t yet have a clear vision of what was going on, so I was just throwing all of my ideas in, hoping that something good would come off. Now, in hindsight, if I were to run this scenario again, I would leave the haunted house out. Or at least drop the mirror-beings completely.

But now, moving onward.

Megan’s uncle, Richard “Dick” Shanahan, took the posse with him to his home, a one hour drive from Vega. Yes, for some reason Dick invited Osmon too. I had decided beforehand that Dick had a some sort of soul sight, so he could recognize adepts and avatars, although he himself was neither.

Dick lived on a simple farm with a medium sized house and a barn. After our protagonists had settled, they met Dick’s friend Sam. The funny thing is, Sam was an orang-utang. (Did I mention that Dick kinda looked like Clint Eastwood?) I really liked Sam as character, for he certainly wasn’t just a mere pet. Sam cooked (proficiently), played poker (surprisingly well) and drank whisky (and hold his liquor better than Derek). Dick also reassured Megan that she was completely safe while she was here, but he didn’t give explanation. The reason is, of course, quite simple. To not be an adept or an avatar, doesn’t mean that one can’t do magick. During his long and adventorous life Dick had picked up some pretty useful rituals, and one of those was sort of “hiding” anyone residing in the house from public consciousness. (For those interested: I didn’t make up any spesifics for that ritual, because those weren’t really relevant for the scenario. Sorry.)

But, after an evening of tasty beans, good whisky and some poker, everyone went to bed. Megan got the guestroom, Derek found himself quite comfortable on the sofa and I think Osmon fell asleep outside, in front of the house. Next morning Megan wake up with a crumbled note on the nightstand, on it written with illegible letters a warning that they (she, Osmon, Derek) were in grave danger. Also some strange tracks had appeared around Osmon. Closer inspection suggested them to be left by some sort of huge cloven-hoofed animal. At this point my memories blur a little, but I think that Osmon tells others of his discovery, and Dick thinks that some neighbour of his might have lost an ox.

I have recollection of what happened next, during the day. They propably visited Vega, and the occultist’s house, but to no avail. During the day Derek also inquires after the item which he was supposed to take to his mentor. Dick gives him an ambiguous answer that he’s still searching for and so on, and also dodges the question considering what kind of item is in question.

Fast forward to the following night. Megan’s sleeping uneasily, and wakes up in the middle of the night to a weak creak. Quite soon she realizes that someone’s in the room, and in a split-second she has rolled of the bed. And just in time, as she hears some sharp implement piercing her mattress. Throwing the bedside lamp towards the presumed location of this unknown attacker, she sprints towards the door and almost makes it, but feeling a big and strong hand grasping her ankle, she has only an instant to brace for sudden impact with the hardwood floor. Struggling onwards to the illuminated staircase, she manages to stand up and face her aggressor. Quite a surprise it was to find out that it was Richard, her very own and dear uncle!

Megan’s shouts of course woke Derek and Osmon, now both sleeping in the living room, who soon rushed to see what had upset Megan. Meanwhile Dick continued his assault on Megan, trying to slash her with big hunting knife. Derek and Osmon joining, they continued to struggle for a while until Megan picked a heavy bronze statue from a small table, and hit her uncle in the head. And again. And again. Dick lied still on the floor, a pool of blood growing around his head. When [Derek or Osmon] checked, he was sure that Dick really was dead.

Oh boy did I enjoy that one. My friend playing Megan is quite an immersive player, and that moment gave her some tough shit to deal with. I truly wish that I could give moments as strong as that was, in (almost) all of my games, at least once per character.

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