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Chilling heat, part 2

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So, let’s get this show on the road again. From now on this might get kinda ruminative, but at this point trying to strictly keep things in chronological order would be just plain impossible.

It seems I forgot to mention some things that happened prior to the snowy day. There were at least some guy trying to rob the convenience store while Derek was present. And of course he had to get some juice, so he just told the pathetic criminal, who was waving around with his sawn-off, to fuck off. Just to make the poor villain’s day even worse, Megan also happened by. And being the DYI -kind of person and an avatar and all, she just had to interfere. With the shotgun she had with her. The very same shotgun she used to kill her husband. First there was this freak who didn’t seem to give a shit about the possibility to get his head shot off in a moments notice, but in addition into the store rushes this broad with more balls than a mountain lion and a frigging shotgun! You could say he was truly between a rock and a hard place. So what could the poor bastard do? The only thing there was left: he wet his pants, dropped his gun and ran like bloodthirsty grizzlies sent by the IRS were to get him.

I think one more think happened before the next events. After visiting the doctor, Derek went to the local drugstore. In there he noticed that in the backroom the assisting pharmacist was putting some white powder from a jar that had the text “rat poison” on it, into ordinary looking capsules. When the assistant noticed that he was being watched, he calmly rose and closed the door. Oh boy, did the players have fun with this one. They called the cops at least twice, if not even thrice. They also broke in to he pharmacy with Derek’s “good fortune,” but found no incriminating evidences. I think I finally came up with some explanation that I delivered through the Seriff, but I don’t remember anymore what it was.

There’s also something else that happened during the snowy day, which I forgot to mention last time. I started with poking at Derek’s trigger event, the thing that had sent him on a journey into the occult underground. He had been a mechanic, in a simple but succesful car repair shop. Then one day came a curious man, whose mere presence gave Derek the creeps, brought his SUV for some basic repairs. A couple days went by with strange little accidents happening in the garage. Shit happens and so on. But when the car intently ran over Derek’s boss without anyone driving it, he wasn’t going to wait and see who’s next. And in that small town of Vega, far from the garage he had left behind, he saw that very same car passing by. Without a driver.

While Derek was having his sphincter’s strength tested, Megan noticed her pendant was behaving strangely, for it had begun swingin on its own. As she observed it for a while, she came to conclude that it was certainly pointing in a certain direction.

So, Derek following tread marks and Megan her pendant, they both arrived to an old abandoned house. Osmon too found his way there, following a completely blue man, a sight which related to his trigger event. Unfortunately I don’t remember the specifics anymore. The house looked like no one had lived there in decades. They had an uneasy talk about how the others happened to come by exactly at the same time. Osmon asked them both if they were hungry and offered them some (cold) canned beans. For the rest of the game Osmon would continue to offer his beans every now and then. Strangely, for some reason or the other, they both politely refused the kind offer. During the whole scenario, a total of three strange things happened in that house. 1) Sound of footsteps going from upstair to downstairs and to basement. 2) Strange figures in the mirror in the attic. 3) Return of the strange mirror figures. I also have a strange feeling that there might’ve been a third time with the mirror, but it’s not essential.

I’m not sure if both #1 and #2 happened during the first visit… oh wait, I think I just remembered. Megan’s pendant was the thing that pointed them towards the attic. Yes, that’s how it went. Anyway, the mirror. It was antique but in good shape, just somewhat dusty. While one of them was standing in front of it, she noticed that her reflection was giving her the finger, at least figuratively speaking. They were obviously baffled by this phenomenon, until three robed figures appeared in the mirror. (Quite crowded, eh?) The figures recited a cryptic message to them, and then just faded away. Now if only I could find my notes, I could put the message up here. But it was something about the one on the left saying it is the first, The Shadow. The middle one said it is the second, The Faceless. Finally the one on the right called itself the third, The Torch.

So, they were left wondering what the hell just happened, but I wasn’t going to let them go that easily. Then came the footsteps. Drawn by their shared curiosity they followed the steps to the kitchen, where the door to the basement was. The funny thing is, prior to going to the attic, the door had been locked and even a crowbar they found was powerless before the force that had kept the door sealed. And now the door was ajar. Carfully they began to descent into the dark and damp basement, with just Derek’s lighter providing the tinyest amount of barely adequate light. Slowly their eyes accustomed to the darkness and they spotted something, no, someone, hangin from the ceiling, at the business end of a hangman’s noose. And CRACK! That’s when the rotten wooden stairs gave in under their weight. As they came to, it was dark. The lighter had went out and for some reason the door was closed. After finding the lighter (and a lots of freaking out, Osmon especially – he was claustrophobic) they found out that… there was no body. Then, sounds from upstairs. Someone with a flashlight opened the door. It soon became clear that it was the cops who had been called to check on some trespassers. Enter the town’s Sheriff, who happend to be just like Sheriff J.W. Pepper, and his zealous Deputy. The Sheriff asked whether they were some wishy-washy occult-hippie-tourists, and characters decided to play along. They later found out that the house used to belong to some poet who had been a very eager occultist, and after his tragic death no one wanted the house because it was rumoured to be haunted. For that same reason it had become a kind of “Graceland” for small time occultists. The Deputy was not so kind and accused them being drug dealers or other scum of the same kind, but lucky for them, the Sheriff was more laid back and let them go after giving them one more warning. It was already dark so everyone went back to their accommodations.

The very next day came finally what Megan and Derek had been waiting for. Derek’s mentor had just said that Dick would be driving “a car you just can’t miss.” And Megan could recognize that pink cadillac even in her dreams. Uncle Richard was finally here.

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Back from a coma

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Okay, so this project just stagnated pretty neatly, for personal problems that I yet need to tackle. But that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t at least try to achieve something.

I didn’t make any new year’s resolutions, mainly because I think those are just hogwash meant mainly just for amusement and a nice subject for small talk.

But what if, as my first real new year’s resolution ever, I decide to put up at least two posts a month. Also, if there’s still someone reading, I happily give you my permission to harass me in irc (or via comments, as I get a notification to my email) if it seems that it’s been two weeks and nothing new has been written. (Some channels I hang out in: #praedor@IRCnet, #ropeteoria@IRCnet, #kiukkuinen_orava@IRCnet.)

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